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Why You Should Only Use Genuine Eureka Vacuum Parts

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Your Eureka vacuum cleaner deserves only the best in parts, and that would be Eureka vacuum parts. Available both online and in retail stores around the country, these parts were specially made for your Eureka vacuum and were designed to last at least as long as the originals.

There are many different companies out there that make aftermarket parts for vacuum cleaners, but most of those companies make parts for most major brands. These brands can be very different from each other, yet the parts are often made in the same factories.

This can lead to some strange results, even in the most quality intensive manufacturing environments, simply because the factories are tooled differently than the ones that Eureka uses. You might save a little bit of money, but you could also be adding a ton of hassle as you get parts that, for whatever reason, just do not fit.

Most companies and retailers will gladly take back a part that did not fit the intended device, but if you purchase it online, you will likely be responsible for shipping and handling fees for both the faulty and the new item. Even if you purchased the item locally and are able to return it, you are still in the position of having to find the correct part that will fit your Eureka vacuum.

Your time is worth a lot, so why not just use Eureka vacuum parts from the beginning and sidestep all the part swapping nonsense? Nothing is more frustrating than getting your vacuum cleaner apart and the old, faulty parts removed, only to discover that the new ones do not fit.

This is even more annoying with maintenance parts such as belts and filters, which the smart consumer will change early, as it will put the vacuum out of comission until the correct part arrives. A simple, easy repair can easily turn into a nightmare that includes your Eureka vacuum being in pieces for weeks.

Some parts, when designed improperly, can also cause other parts to fail prematurely. Your Eureka vacuum was intended to use Eureka parts only, and things such as weight and balance can drastically change how your vacuum operates. A lighter weight part in one place that was intended to take the stress for a more expensive part further down the line, for example, could end up costing you far more than your original repair would have been had you used genuine Eureka vacuum parts.

There is a reason the other stuff is cheaper, after all. Do you really want to find out what that reason is by having your vacuum cleaner fail the day before you have company due to a faulty aftermarket part?

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