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How to Find Good Vacuum Cleaners

This site is here to help you find the best deals, reviews, and tips on selecting and purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner. We sincerely hope it is helpful to you in your online search.

Finding good vacuum cleaners doesn’t have to be hard.  In fact, it can be quite simple if you know where to look to do the research.   In my experience, I’ve found 2 ways to find really good vacuum cleaners for both my home and my business.

The first way is to look to the industry stalwarts as far as ratings go.  Consumer Reports is a very well known consumer oriented web site that creates independent reviews of many different types of products and services.   They provide buying guides which are also very helpful from a general standpoint.

I am a member of their online service which only costs $27 per year.  To me this is a great bargain.   For good vacuum cleaners, they rate the abilities of the vacuum to clean carpet, bare floors, edges, ease of use, run time or charge time if its a portable vacuum cleaner, emissions, noise, and also the abilty to pick up pet hair.  I speak from experience when I say that picking up pet hair is a full time job.  Our black lab sheds like crazy twice a year and you’d think someone shaved him by the amount of fur that we pick up.

As for this years models of stick vacuums, Bissell Versus, Black and Decker, Hoover, and Dirt Devil Power Stick all rated highly in the tests from consumer reports.   The Hoover Flair and Dirt Devil were only 40 dollars while the other models were closer to 100 dollars.   They seemed like a better buy to me.

Another method of finding a good vaccum cleaner is to utilize other consumers experiences with their purchases.  You can do this by visiting   Search for portable vacuum cleaner or handheld vacuum cleaner and look at the results that come back.

Most times on Amazon, you’ll see that  product has a “star” rating on it from other consumers that have purchased the product and reviewed it.   I usually discount the reviews unless at least 30 or more people have purchased the product and have rated it good or bad.  The more reviews that you see, then the more weight the rating has since these consumers paid money, have used the product, and have actually spent time mentioning their experience with it online.

I also find that if you have a few free minutes, it is a great source of knowledge to spend time reading the consumer comments.   I’ve found some great tips there, like ways to utilize some of the vacuum cleaner accessories, or how to make the vacuum cleaner last longer by cleaning it, etc.    Utilize other people to your advantage so that you don’t throw away your hard earned money.

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