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The Real Benefits of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

When my friend started having back pain, her doctor suggested that she try to take it easy with the housework and see whether it would help. One thing she did to make life easier for herself was to purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner. She found that instead of lugging the large canister model around, sometimes all she needed was a quick clean with her lighter, cordless vacuum. My friend found that by skipping the heavy vacuum, she was saving herself a lot of back strain. However, anyone can benefit from using  hand-held cordless vacuum cleaners.

First of all, these machines can do double duty. Many of these vacuums come with an attachable handle so that you don’t have to bend down to use the vacuum when cleaning the floor. When not needed, remove the handle and use it to get into smaller, tighter spots like between sofa cushions, the car seats, car trunk, or to reach up to the ceiling to suck up those spider webs in the corner. Some of these units are even a bit larger and stand upright. Cordless upright vacuum cleaners are great for large surfaces like kitchen floors.

The absence of a cord is also a big plus since you don’t have to worry about the long cord tangling up around the furniture, the dog, the kids, or your own feet. Without this annoyance, many users find that they can finish an area much quicker.

The lighter weight of a cordless vacuum is another benefit that most users find appealing. Carrying a traditional vacuum up and down the stairs, or lugging it from one end of a large home to another can be taxing after a while. Without a cord and with its lighter weight, users can easily move around the house without too much trouble.

Another benefit to the cordless vacuum is its usual bagless system. Instead of using bags, many hand-held cordless vacuums have a detachable collection chamber. When the chamber is full of dirt, it can be opened up and the contents thrown into the trash. This method of disposal is also more environmentally and economically friendly since there is no need to continue purchasing and discarding bags.

Although some critics view the hand-held cordless as too weak to do a decent job on heavily soiled carpet, some models are available that can actually be quite powerful. These days, there are many models of cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market that claim to be as powerful as a traditional vacuum. If you are looking for a second vacuum for those last-minute or quick cleanups, then any hand-held cordless vacuum with all the above stated benefits would still be considered a good buy.