Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Finding a good quality portable vacuum cleaner doesn’t have to be difficult.  In fact with a little extra research online or from in speciality stores, you can find the right vacuum cleaner for your home or business.

Many times, a home owner wants to be able to use a vacuum cleaner for car upholstery, stairs,  couches, or other small jobs. Using a small handheld vacuum allows you to finish the job in a quick and easy manner without lugging the heavy full size house vacuum out.  Also the hose attachments on those home units are very clumsy and rarely stretch to the length that you need them to.

Some newer models of cordless vacuum cleaners come with 2 motors, one for powering the actuator brush, and the other for powering the suction component of the device.  Obviously, 2 motors in these models provide tremendous suction power without compromising the ability to pick up the bigger particles of dirt that can be found in settings like your car or truck.

Prices for decent models of handheld cordless vacuums range from the 30 dollar to 100 dollar range for many popular models that I’ve seen online.   For other types of portable vacuum cleaners like backpack vacuums or shop vacuums, these can reach the hundreds of dollars easily.

The saying you get what you pay for is often true for vacuums when it comes to the motors and components of the unit.  You want a motor that will last a long time and take much abuse.  If you are a commercial cleaner or janitorial business, you’ll want to investigate moving beyond the household vacuum models and focus on getting a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

Commercial vacuums are built to take much abuse, but also they are designed with ergonomics in mind, generally weighing less than home vacuum units, as well as not requiring bags.  Bagless vacuums are nice for commercial cleaning companies because they can empty the canister when its full and keep on cleaning.  No need to hunt down the right model and type of bag required to get your vacuum on its feet again.

Generally speaking, I’ve personally found that the best place to buy a portable vacuum cleaner has been through online specialty retailers.  These shops do volume business with the manufacturers of high quality vacuums and get discounts on the models as well as the vacuum accessories.

When my Miele retractable cord broke last year, I ordered the entire replacement cord unit that I had broken.   I couldn’t replace just the spring of the unit which was the part that actually was bad, but I had to order the entire coil with the new cord pre-attached.   It took me about 30 minutes to dissassemble and reassemble everything, but overall I figured I saved about 150 bucks just by ordering the part online, and installing it myself.   Not a bad way to go if you find yourself in a similar situation needing vacuum cleaner parts for manufacturers such as Miele, Samsung, Kirby, or Eureka.

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